[URGENT] Why you should update to iOS 9.3.5 now

An Israeli company has developed a spyware which was used to spy on an Arab human rights activist. The Israeli company called the NSO Group is said to have been behind the development and use of this software. This software has the ability to take control of iPhone devices, including read text messages, emails, contacts and track calls. It can…

How to Differentiate Between an Original and a Fake iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Did you know that you can always be sold a fake iPhone 6s or 6s plus? This is possible because there are so many fake iPhone 6s and 6s plus today in the market and you need to be very cautious whenever buying any of the iPhone. How do you identify a fake iPhone 6s and 6s Plus? It is…

Jailbreaking or Rooting Your Phone

When compared to a Personal Computer, phones are very locked-down devices. Jailbreaking, or operating system rooting are ways that phone tech gurus use to bypass the lock down. There are laws put in place to safeguard on the intellectual property rights of the device manufacturers. More about that later. What is the minute difference between rooting and jailbreaking a personal…