How to Unlock a Sprint Phone

When your contract finally runs out, you will still need to use your phone. It is safe to assume that you now want to use a carrier that charges less per month than you are used to. Unfortunately, in most cases, the carrier of your phone will be locked to that specific one that you have been using, and hence it seems that there’s no way out.

The Federal Communications Commission via the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act has made it not only possible, but easier to unlock your phone than it has ever been.

Before, unlocking your phone would be unlawful. However, it is now legal and it is something that you probably wish to do now (hence why you are reading this). So, the question remains; how do I unlock my phone (even when I am still within the confines of my two-year contract)? This article, though, will focus solely on unlocking your Sprint phone.

Unlocking your phone is not something that can be done quickly, if that is what you so wish. It won’t take weeks or months, but depending on how quickly you get frustrated, it can take days. Technically, though, it takes a number of hours on the phone (and a good number of phone calls). It is also a smart move to unlock your phone prior to leaving your current carrier.

So, what would you need in order to unlock your Sprint phone? You will need to have some information with you before you go about the process of unlocking your phone. Some of this information is listed below:

· The name and account number of the holder of the account (which in most cases would be you)

· The phone number

· The phone’s IMEI number

· The social security number or the password of the holder of the account (most likely you)

· Deployment papers (overseas) if you are in the military

· The completed contract


To unlock a Sprint phone, you first of all need to have a Sprint account that is verified via your phone or account number.

Next, the phone must not have currently been reported as lost or stolen (by you or otherwise), plus the account must be in “good standing”.

The only problem with Sprint is that iPhones cannot be unlocked. This is because, according to Sprint at least, iPhones with the Sprint brand have been manufactured to avert them from being unlocked so that it can be activated by a different carrier in the US.

Until some aspects of Sprint prepaid devices comply with the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, you would have to contact a customer care representative for an online conversation. Alternatively, you can call 1-888-211-4727.