This is a simple guide on how to unlock ZTE phones locked to any network worldwide.

The safest way to unlock your ZTE phone is by using an unlock code; rooting may mess up your phone for good; and it’s not permanent.

However, if you witch to unlock any ZTE phone, we can do so for you in 30 minutes using our permanent unlocking service.

unlock zte phone

If you have just acquired a new ZTE phone, go ahead and follow the steps below to have it unlocked:

1) Insert the SIM card you wish to use into the phone.

2) Your phone should ask for an unlock code: Enter the unlock code you received from us. Please note that NCK & Network Code are the same as unlock code.

3) If your ZTE phone fails to prompt for an unlock code, try this: Turn off your phone, remove the SIM card, turn on your phone and dial ###825*09#. You should get a prompt for an unlock code.

4) If you still do not get a prompt, please verify that your phone is a GSM phone.

Note: Once your phone is unlocked, you can use it on any GSM network worldwide.

If you habe any questions, please contact us.